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An absolutely, Motivational piece of work!

I gave this book five stars because it serves as GREAT encouragement and inspiration for all of the things which sometimes creates, doubt and un-certainty, in our minds. The reader feels empowered as it addresses how to overcome those every day thoughts, which can sometimes leave us in a state of mental paralysis, indecision and confusion. The layout makes it conducive to easy reading. It is definitely a book which should be a personal copy, to be referenced at a glance (for a dose of positive reinforcement, when need be) even after it has been completely read. It feels like a personal conversation between the author and the reader. A short list of poignant questions, punctuates the end of each chapter, for further pondering and a space, to make additional notes.

- Kim Tatem

Highly recommended

 … a source of encouragement and practical guidance to everyone.

- Rev Christopher Harrison,
Vicar of the parish of All Saints, St Mary and St Peter Churches, Nottingham

The author’s belief gives her the strength to continue with her calling

… a book for anyone who needs an uplifting shove up the hill of their rutted road into a new, wider avenue of positivity and growth

Independent Reviewer, Melrose Publishers




“indispensable reading”

Sealy-Skerritt’s book is indispensable reading for anyone who wants to find their calling and live a more purpose-driven life. Each chapter ends with a set of engaging reflection questions.

- Dr Courtney Alexander Smith,
Retired Government Economist and Author

“...stimulating in helping all disciples”

Very stimulating in helping all disciples, most lay and some ordained, recognise a multitude of ways and purposes in which God touches and calls us. I find it includes my experience and would have been very valuable when training Ordinands and lay people 25 years ago. Dianne communicates clearly and each parish could do with a copy to lend around. It is a significant book for our theme of ‘Disciples’- All are Called. But additionally this book gives hope in 5 case studies of people called from within the BAME community (4 lay and 1 clergy) in Nottingham Diocese and beyond. It shows differences in ways of interpreting bible passages as happens throughout the Church.

- Revd Michael S. Allen

“Insightful and powerful”

Insightful and powerful, this book will help you to avoid distractions from your call

- Ulda Butler, Retired Service Manager

“An easy read which explains and encourages our spiritual development.”

Reading this book reminded me of learning the alphabet and finding joy in the world of words. This is not just a book, it provides the reader with practical tools and references to help in understanding our spiritual journeys. An easy read which explains and encourages our spiritual development.

- Sherry

“a book that encourages you to believe in yourself”

Reading the book "When God Calls" by Dianne Sealy-Skerritt will build your confidence and helps you to discover your true value and purpose. It will broaden your horizon and give you an experience that will take you through life. It is a book that encourages you to believe in yourself so go and get your copy on Amazon and treat your family and your friends too.

- Lilleth Clarke Author of ‘Shared Thoughts’

“informative, powerful and inspirational”

I purchased this book to assist with a couple of the course assignments I was undertaking pertaining to God's call. I found this book, easy to read, informative, powerful and inspirational. Using Biblical characters, various case studies as well as her own personal experiences, the author was able to provide practical guidance on listening and responding to our call in a simplistic and very clear manner. I gave this book 5 stars as it not only helped in understanding my personal call, it also assisted in achieving top marks in my assignments.

-  Yvonne Benjamin

“uplifting and suitable for any age”

I am currently reading this book and finding it hard to put down. I have read many inspirational books during my spiritual journey but finding this one written in a way you can relate to - very uplifting and suitable for any age.

-  Emma Johnson

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